The vines of Les Gourmandises d'Emma wines benefit from fresh air currents from the summits of Ventoux or the Luberon which promote optimal ripening of the grapes. The wines offered express fresh and elegant fruit aromas from vintage to vintage, and are appreciated on all occasions.


The story
Aromatic, fresh and pleasant, to drink in the year following the vintage, Les Gourmandises d'Emma wines present well, but do not take themselves too seriously. It expresses the authentic flavors of the grape varieties present in the south-east of France. They are in line with our growing needs for thirst-quenching wines, for simple moments of conviviality. Our 2021 Grenache Syrah Rosé is marked by well reputed blend, which expresses itself harmoniously while providing structure and aromatic complexity.
The vintage
This vintage was strongly impacted by a centenary episode of frost in April 2021, but fortunately, the plots of our wine higher in altitude, are later, and did not suffer too much from the frost.
The vines of Les Gourmandises d'Emma Blend wines are located on the plains adjoining Mont Ventoux for the reds and whites, and the Massif du Luberon for the rosés. These vines benefit from exceptional sunshine and refreshing air currents from the summits.
The southern slope of the Luberon Massif, which corresponds to the Pays d'Aigues on the eastern side, is essentially composed of marls, pebbles and limestone from the Miocene, which is appropriate for the production of fine and elegant wines.
In the vineyard
Cultivated and vinified in a modern way, the wines benefit from the latest know-how in terms of cultural and oenological knowledge, producing aromatic wines, with an exceptional value for money.
The grapes are de-stemmed and then pressed directly with a short maceration in the wine press for 6 to 8 hours. Directly put into vats this winemaking process favors aromas and freshness (static racking). Low temperature alcoholic fermentation. No malolactic fermentation, not even partially. Then the wines are left to rest on fine lees at cold temperatures, and then blended following the chosen styles. All the equipment and the cellar-approach are directed by a kind of efficiency and ease of work the wines continuously. With sense of well-done work, temperature control is effective, in order to make fresh and elegant wines.
Cement tank, no wood.
Grenache noir : 85%
Alcohol content: 12 ABV
Allergènes: Contains sulphites.
Agriculture Raisonnée
Haute Valeur Environnementale


Serve chilled (9°C-10°C)
Ageing potential
Enjoy all year long
Tasting notes
Very tasty, we find the fruity expressions of the nose, with a slightly milder touch.
Visual appearance
The nose is frank and straightforward, with a beautiful intensity of small red fruits (grenadine, redcurrant).
At the nose
The palate is harmonious, combining smoothness and freshness.
On the palate
The palate is harmonious, combining smoothness and freshness.