20 years of presence in the southern Rhône and Provence territories

Caravinsérail wines are committed to claim a lifestyle true to the owners’ belief, and a desire to communicate the typical Mediterranean terroir flavors of the south-east of France.

Caravinsérail wines were originally located at the foot of Mont Ventoux, have evolved over time and moved, while remaining an original wine approach. The "garden" of the Caravinsérail wines has also gradually expanded to open up to new vineyards displaying these Provence colors and delighting our hearts.

Caravinsérail’s daily ingredients include local traditions, history and legends. The surrounding vestiges remind us our Roman roots; footprints left by Popes and Counts of Provence are naturally ubiquitous. The very nature of the surrounding landscapes, like the paintings of Impressionist painters inspires us and contributes to the creation of a link between history and terroirs.

The very name for the wines of Cascavel comes from a cast iron bell in Provençal and recalls the pastoral and agricultural origins of the region. These wines are very important in Caravinsérail’s history. Our wines come from carefully selected terroirs for their ability to produce fine and elegant wines. They are the result of an individual and enviable collaboration with talented winegrowers whose values of seriousness, simple and lasting well-being, respect for each other's work and the quest for excellence we share.

Thus Caravinsérail wines fit naturally in simple hospitality moments, and around more elaborate, authentic and tasty dishes. The wines are as much as possible organically or sustainable farming certified. The selected vineyards benefit directly from the best exposed terraces, cool breezes coming from the main mountains of the region - Dentelles de Montmirail, Mont Ventoux, Luberon mountains, Montagne Sainte Victoire, Alpilles - or mythical soils of the Rhone Valley like those who made Châteauneuf-du-Pape famous.

Our wines are produced in respect with people and envirronement

The wines are monitored throughout with winegrowers or 'human' sized cellars, in order to be bottled in the best conditions at the property, or in our air-conditioned bottling and storage cellar, situated 3 km south of Châteauneuf-du-Pape. The wine age at the estate before bottling, at our bottling plant to be available at the right time, with maximum flexibility.

Our wines are produced in an environmentally sustainable way and organically certified as much as possible and sometimes Mont Ventoux Biosphere Reserve. Our dry materials are easily recyclable. We are trying to minimize our energy consumption and our impact on the environment by optimizing our trips, and by limiting the waste we produce naturally. We participate actively in a local process called Cliiink promoting glass recycling by end consumers.

Our selection of wines is voluntarily personal and occasionally even uncommon. This is based on our commitment to offer a palette of wines that are like their origins, bearing this Provence image that we all remember. Thorough work is done from the selection of the most suitable origins, the wines to offer, the most relevant winegrowers, to which bottles and the plugging methods to be used.

In that respect, we are both very innovative and very traditional regarding the style of our wine closures at the risk of surprising some people. The realm of wine bottle closures has evolved a lot in recent years.

We can use screw caps for our fruity vins de Pays, technical stoppers with various profile depending on the closure purpose of intermediate AOC wines, as well as natural corks of increasing quality according to the presumed ageing of the wines, or even very high-end stoppers from organically certified oak forests when it comes to Crus Caravinserail.

The fruit – complexity ratio of the wines is led by our idea of the opportunities for you or by the guest’s profile of who will join you to taste them. We do develop wines that may seem simple, but which appetite and freshness come from a real know-how. We often couple modern labelling and innovative plugging methods for user-friendly opportunities without fuss. At the other end, we are able to make proper use of mythical terroirs to produce prestigious wines, dedicated to more exceptional occasions, or more demanding guests.

Wherever and with whoever you are, we wish to offer you as many colors and flavors as Provence does; for all budgets and in the best possible conditions. Indulge yourselves, enjoy and share the Caravinsérail wines with or without moderation depending on the opportunity. We will be happy to be part of these little enjoyments that mark our best memories.

A concentrate of experience, search for authenticity and elegance

The Caravinsérail wines concentrate a unique know-how of its kind. Based in the heart of a typical Provençal agricultural estate between Monts du Vaucluse and Luberon, the Caravinsérail team marks its difference by the experience of its leaders and a permanent search for authenticity and excellence in tune with our times.