Le Souffle du Géant wines express this ambivalence. Climate and geology of the north-western part of Mont Ventoux enable the production of wines with character, while fresh and elegant, which is specific to the wines of this micro-terroir.


The story
Our Souffle du Géant Red AOP Ventoux is one of the founding wines of Maison de Cascavel. Produced on the north-west Mont-Ventoux slopes by winegrowers passionate about their vineyards and environment within the Biosphere Reserve protected by UNESCO. This wine is representative of the discreet revolution that has taken place in the vineyards and cellars over the past 25 years. Through persuasion, technical investments in the cellars and efforts in the vineyards throughout the year, the wines reveal their true potential and natural elegance. The fruit is fresh and complex, frank and charming; the palate is pleasant and very elegant. Simple in the right sense, Le Souffle du Géant wines use exceptional know-how of the winegrowers and winemakers.
Beaumont du Ventoux, Malaucène and Le Barroux, Vaucluse (84).
1st French vineyard in mountainous area, this terroir is located in the Biosphere Reserve of Mont-Ventoux, classified as UNESCO heritage since July 1990. It’s a privileged place: the winemakers are committed to improving and preserving their environ-ment, implementing practices of sustainable development while respecting cultural values and the protection of nature. The Mont Ventoux and the ‘Dentelles de Montmirail’ chain protect the vineyards from the Mistral extremes, while generating fresh air streams enabling cooler nights and more beautiful
In the vineyard
Often less than 2 hectares. The vineyards are spread out in terraces to the north-west of Beaumont du Ventoux, Malaucène and Le Barroux, Vaucluse (84).
Grapes are de-stemmed,crushed and then followa cold maceration for 4 to 5 days. The vatting lasts three weeks, while privileging the fruit and the freshness of the wine.The alcoholic and malo-lactic fermentations succeed each other immediately. The wines then "rest" for at least three months from December, until February before being "clarified" and blended.
Concrete and stainless steelvats, no wood.
Grenache noir : 80%
Syrah : 20%
Alcohol content: 14.5 ABV
Allergènes: Contains sulphites. Does not contain egg or egg products. Does not contain milk or milk-based products.
Agriculture Raisonnée
Eco-acteur de la Réserve de Biosphère du Mont Ventoux


Serve at 17°C.
Ageing potential
2 to 3 years
Tasting notes
It develops all the aromasappeared on the nose with a nice smooth finish, fine and soft tannins.
Visual appearance
This wine offers a lovelyruby color with bluish hints.
At the nose
Has an expressive, richand ripe nose (black fruit,bay leaves, sweet spices).
On the palate
The palate is delicious andfull, with a nice fresh final.